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How to reduce noise in the office with ESSEN Acoustic Booths

Working in a noisy office, with the constant background noise of conversations and typing, can make it difficult to concentrate and can be a problem when looking for a place to hold meetings, calls or online meetings. Now, imagine placing a soundproof booth in the office, where you walk in, close the door and? silence. Enhancing concentration and confidentiality is possible thanks to ESSEN Acoustic Booths.

Our ESSEN booths are not just another product on the market; they are the solution you need to improve the sound quality of the environment, concentration and confidentiality in your offices. With Class A and Class B certification according to ISO 23351, this quality seal for acoustic booths allows them to be compared under equal conditions and guarantees that they offer maximum efficiency in reducing noise and reverberation.


What does ISO 23351 Certification mean for you?


The certification of our ESSEN cabins to ISO 23351 is more than a technical achievement; it is a promise of privacy, concentration and well-being. It means that each booth has been designed and tested to offer an oasis of silence, even in the heart of the busiest office. Whether it’s to make an important call, concentrate on a project or simply take a moment to yourself, ESSEN booths guarantee a space where the only presence is you.

How to reduce noise in the office?



Reducing noise in the office for online or face-to-face meetings and better concentration, as well as more privacy, is possible by installing an acoustic booth. Introducing an ESSEN acoustic booth into your work environment is more than a functional improvement; it is a statement that you value privacy, concentration and well-being as much as productivity and creativity. These booths are not only a refuge from noise and distractions, but also a design element that elevates the aesthetics of any space.



Installing an acoustic booth provides a quiet, distraction-free space in which to hold meetings, calls or online meetings without distractions and with maximum confidentiality. It also improves the quality of the ambient sound for the rest of the workers, as they will not hear background voices and will be able to concentrate better.



Invitation to the ESSEN Experience:



We invite you to explore how ESSEN acoustic booths can revolutionise your workspace, transforming it into a more productive, creative and, above all, peaceful environment. Discover the full range of our acoustic solutions by visiting our website or contacting us directly. At Mirplay Acoustics, we specialise in acoustics, offering a wide range of solutions to soundproof your office or workspace. From panels to acoustic cabins, we want to help you design the ideal working environment, improving the acoustics of your company, and as a result, increasing the productivity and quality of the working environment.

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