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What are Mirplay acoustic panels ?

Acoustic comfort in a space is not a luxury; it’s a must. Every day, more people recognize the importance of a proper sound environment, whether at home, in the office, or in public spaces. Noise pollution not only affects our ability to concentrate but also our overall well-being.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like the sound is bouncing everywhere? That sensation of reverberation can be annoying and, in some cases, detrimental to hearing. The solution to this problem is simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Acoustic panels have the ability to absorb sound and reduce reverberation in a space. They not only enhance acoustic quality but can also serve as decorative elements that add style and personality to any room.

How effective are acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels are highly effective tools for improving the sound quality of a space. Their specialized design allows them to capture and disperse sound waves, thus reducing unwanted echoes and reverberations. The effectiveness of acoustic panels also depends on their correct installation and placement, which is why there are various types of decorative acoustic panels that cater to different needs and styles:
Ceiling panels: These panels are installed on the ceiling and are ideal for spaces where you want to keep the walls free or where a high ceiling is the primary source of reverberation. In addition to their acoustic functionality, they can add a distinctive aesthetic touch to the space.
Paneles acústicos en techo
Wall panels: Designed to be mounted on walls, these panels not only improve the acoustics of the space but can also act as decorative elements. Installation at different distances from the wall and three-dimensional shapes allow the panels, in addition to absorbing sound, to evenly disperse sound waves, providing a more vibrant and clear sound.

Free-standing acoustic dividers: elements designed to control and reduce noise levels in various environments, providing privacy and acoustic comfort. These devices play an essential role in creating quieter and more functional spaces, contributing to improved well-being in offices, restaurants, homes, and a variety of other places where noise can be a concern.

Separadores ambientales acústicos

Do acoustic panels reduce noise?

It depends. Although their primary function is to reduce echo, a panel that functions as a vertical partition also helps in reducing noise. An acoustic panel can reduce between 5 and 15 decibels (dB) depending on its design and material. The effectiveness of these panels is due to their ability to absorb and disperse sound waves, thereby minimizing reverberation and unwanted noise in a space. However, it’s essential to consider that the exact reduction in decibels varies based on factors such as the type of panel, its thickness, and the material used.

Research and development in the field of acoustics have led to the creation of increasingly efficient panels. These advancements allow acoustic panels to adapt to specific frequencies, providing customized solutions based on the predominant type of noise in a space. This makes it possible to direct sound absorption toward the most problematic frequencies, achieving an optimal acoustic atmosphere.

Acoustic panels to reduce noise in different scenarios

Acoustic panels are versatile solutions designed to address the acoustic challenges of various scenarios. Their ability to absorb and disperse sound makes them essential tools for reducing noise and improving sound quality in any environment.

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How to install acoustic panels correctly?

1. Space Evaluation: Before installation, it’s essential to determine the characteristics of the space. Is it an open space with high ceilings? Are there many hard surfaces like glass partitions, windows, etc.? All of this is crucial in determining the type and quantity of panels needed.


2. Type of Panel Selection: Based on the previous analysis, decide if you need acoustic panels for walls, ceiling, or both. As a general rule, a small room with highly reflective walls will work better with wall panels, while high ceilings will require suspended panels. Remember that there are decorative acoustic panels that can complement your space’s design.


3. Panel Placement: Ideally, distribute the panels evenly throughout the space. Make sure to leave space between each panel for optimal acoustic function. If space or the number of panels doesn’t allow it, the best option is to install them as close as possible to the sound sources.


4. Fixing: Mirplay acoustic panels include the fixing hardware. In some cases, such as the RENE and MILETO panels, there are various anchoring options available.


5. Review: Once all panels are installed, conduct an auditory review of the space to ensure that reverberation has decreased, and the sound is clearer and more defined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the volume, materials and typology of the space to be treated, the number of acoustic panels required will vary. However, using high acoustic absorption panels will require fewer of them. When comparing panel prices, keep this factor in mind.

Sustainability is no longer an added value, but a necessity. That is why our panels are manufactured with a PET core made from recycled plastic bottles.

We have them in stock; don’t worry. We will ship your acoustic panels within 48h once the order is confirmed and accepted.

Manufacturing standardized products allows us to save costs and offer acoustic panels at a very competitive price without compromising the final quality. We manufacture according to certificates with standard regulations for each product.

Acoustic panels

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