Room-in-room acoustic booths

Productivity and Concentration

Open-plan offices, coworking spaces, flex offices… Current professional environments have evolved to promote free-flowing communication and collaboration. In spaces designed for constant change, maintaining high levels of productivity and concentration can be quite a challenge.

Acoustic booths have emerged as key allies for those looking to create an optimal space for privacy and acoustic comfort. Specifically designed to minimize distractions and ambient noise, they allow anyone to fully immerse themselves in their tasks without fear of external interference.

The presence of an acoustic booth provides a quiet and isolated environment for focusing on studying or working without the usual interruptions. Whether you’re preparing an important presentation, researching for a project, or conducting video conferences, an acoustic booth allows you to maintain concentration without worrying about external noise.

ESSEN booths are designed with comfort in mind, facilitating long study or work sessions without fatigue. Proper lighting, ventilation, and the layout of interior furniture are key aspects we consider in the design of these booths, ensuring an environment conducive to optimal performance.

Cabina acústica
cabina acústica L

Built for constant change

New businesses and startups embrace change naturally, and that includes the versatility of spaces. What is a warehouse space today may be needed for a new video conferencing room tomorrow.

In this new business paradigm, relying on acoustic booths from the start is a common-sense exercise. They can be easily assembled and disassembled for relocation and can be reused in case of a move, resulting in cost savings for construction and/or acquisition.

Thanks to soundproof walls made of steel, aluminum, mineral wool, and recycled felts specially developed, ESSEN phone booths and meeting pods are highly soundproof and barely let any noise in or out, so they can be installed right next to a workstation without fear of being overheard from the outside. They do not require professional installation: a standard power outlet is sufficient, and they come fully equipped with lighting, ventilation, connections, and furniture.

Designed specifically to adapt to constant change, it’s hard to imagine a professional future without them.

Acoustic Booths

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