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Why an ESSEN Acoustic Booth?

ESSEN acoustic booths are an effective solution for improving sound quality in situations where a quiet and controlled environment is essential. In an office, for example, these booths provide employees with a peaceful space to make important phone calls or work on tasks that require concentration.

ESSEN acoustic booths are spaces specifically designed to meet all expectations:

  • Optimal sound control and minimal external noise interference. With sound reduction rates between 29dB  and 31dB according to ISO 23351 standards, conversations inside an ESSEN booth are inaudible even at just one meter away.
  • Durable and sustainable materials: We use aluminum, steel, mineral wool, and PET felt for the structure of the outer panels, all of which are durable and recyclable materials.
  • Easy assembly: Any ESSEN booth model can be quickly assembled with standard tools, even without prior experience. Assembling an ESSEN S booth takes no more than 40 minutes with two people. Furthermore, the aluminum frame construction ensures that all parts fit perfectly without the need for adjustments.
Cabinas acústicas

Phone Booths: Privacy in a Connected World

In a highly connected and noisy world, phone booths have become essential for providing privacy in open office environments. These booths offer a peaceful space for making phone calls, video conferences, or virtual meetings without distractions. ESSEN phone booths are ideal for maintaining conversation confidentiality and enhancing communication in a connected world. Their design with high-quality soundproofing materials minimizes noise transmission and provides a more productive working environment.

Benefits of Acoustic Booths

These acoustic isolation solutions have gained ground in various industries due to their ability to control noise and improve sound quality. As a result, acoustic booths offer several additional benefits:

    • Increased success in sales conversations: One of the most prominent benefits of acoustic booths is their ability to reduce noise. This creates a quieter and stress-free environment, which is essential for handling a sales talk or a meeting with a client.

    • Enhanced productivity: Unwanted ambient noise is a constant source of distractions, breaking employees’ concentration. Acoustic booths provide a private space for focused work without interruptions or distractions.

    • Increased employee satisfaction: Employee satisfaction decreases when they have to step away for something as simple as making a personal call. Acoustic booths provide them with private space for this or for concentrating on an urgent task.

    • Improved Customer Experience: In customer service environments and retail stores, acoustic booths offer a quiet and comfortable customer service area. This enhances the customer experience and can lead to higher satisfaction.
Beneficio Cabina Acústica
Beneficio Cabina Acústica
Beneficio Cabina Acústica

Installation and Maintenance of Acoustic Booths

The installation of acoustic booths involves a process where factors such as the space size, booth location, and required quantity are considered, depending on the number of potential users. As a general rule, consider installing one ESSEN S booth for every 10 potential users, one ESSEN M booth for every 20, and one ESSEN L booth for every 30 employees.

Regular maintenance is as simple as cleaning the exterior and interior surfaces with a cloth. Additionally, most components (power outlets, switches, LED panels, ventilation grilles, etc.) are removable and easy to replace in case of wear or damage.

Cabina acústica

Frequently Asked Questions

Acoustic cabins are structures designed to control and reduce noise in specific spaces. Using attenuating and sound-absorbing materials, they mitigate sound transfer, creating a quieter and more distraction-free environment.

However, although it may sound obvious, this can only be achieved if the booths are used on a regular basis. To achieve this, they must be placed as close as possible to the employees, so they need to meet minimum sound insulation requirements so that they can be placed right next to the workstations and conversations inside the booth are inaudible to people outside.

Very often, manufacturers of acoustic enclosures give noise reduction values for the materials used in the manufacture, which is far from being an indicator of the actual performance of the assembled enclosure.

ISO 23351 is used to measure the sound insulation level of an enclosure as a whole using a single value. In the case of ESSEN cabs, this value is between 29dB and 31dB. This level ensures that the booths can be placed one meter away from outside workstations and that conversations inside the booths will remain inaudible.

To choose the ESSEN acoustic booth model you need, consider the size of the space, the activities that will take place in it, and the number of potential users. If you are looking for a space to take a private call or video call, the ESSEN S booth will be suitable, while if impromptu meeting spaces are needed, the ESSEN M and ESSEN L booths will work best.

As for the number needed, consider the following rule of thumb:

-ESSEN S: 1 booth every 10 users.

-ESSEN M: 1 booth every 20 users.

-ESSEN L: 1 booth every 30 users.

Compared to other soundproofing solutions, acoustic booths offer a flexible and cost-effective option. Unlike the construction of solid structures, the cabins are portable and various sizes are available to suit specific soundproofing needs.

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