Acoustic booths in Industrial plants

Paneles acusticos en Industrias
In the industrial environment, where machinery and constant activity generate a considerable level of noise,

acoustic booths play a crucial role.

These elements allow you to isolate yourself, to be able to have a conversation with a client or with work teams.
Paneles acusticos en Industrias
En el entorno industrial, donde la maquinaria y la actividad constante generan un nivel considerable de ruido,

las cabinas acústicas juegan un papel crucial.

Estos elementos permiten aislarte, para poder mantener una conversación con un cliente o con equipos de trabajo.
Paneles acústicos para industrias

Industrial Acoustics

In addition to their acoustic function, both panels and booths can be perfectly integrated into the interior decoration of a hotel, adding a modern touch to common areas such as restaurants, bars and lounges.

Reduction of environmental noise

In the industrial context, where the bustle generated by machinery and constant activity is noticeable, acoustic booths play an essential role. These resources provide isolation, allowing you to hold fluid conversations with clients or work teams without interference.

Paneles acústicos para industrias

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