Wut panels

An elegant solution to enhance the acoustics of your space while adding a touch of natural beauty.

Our wooden acoustic panels are the answer you need. Carefully designed to offer both functionality and aesthetics, these panels are ideal for any environment that requires effective sound control without compromising interior design.

Paneles acústicos decorativos

What makes us different?

  • Our panels are 280 cm high, allowing you to cover an entire wall without the need for additional cuts.
  • The medium-density board slats are wood veneered on three sides for a more natural appearance.
  • Both the felt and wood of the panels are treated for minimal contribution to flame in case of fire.
  • The PET felt panel is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Discover more information in our technical data sheet:

Advantages of our acoustic wood panels

  • Exceptional Design: Each panel is carefully crafted using high-quality wood, adding a touch of natural beauty to any environment. Wood enhances the aesthetics of your space, creating a warm and appealing ambiance. Additionally, we offer it in three different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your style and decor.
  • Acoustic Functionality: In addition to its design, the wooden panels are designed to provide extra acoustic control. The PET felt made from recycled plastic bottles absorbs a significant portion of incoming sound waves and reduces reverberation, while the high-density wood used in its construction disperses the unabsorbed waves and evenly redistributes sound throughout the space. Whether for your living room or a meeting room, “Wut” ensures an exceptional auditory experience.

Elegance and Functionality

Wooden acoustic panels combine elegance and functionality to improve the acoustic quality of a space. Their modern and sophisticated design makes them a popular choice in various environments, whether domestic or professional. These panels are designed to seamlessly blend with contemporary aesthetics, adding a touch of warmth and style to any room. The key to their design lies in the combination of high-quality wood with sound absorption technology. Wooden acoustic panels are manufactured to significantly reduce reverberation and enhance sound absorption and quality in the space. Their modern design not only fits the current aesthetic but is also highly effective in creating acoustically optimal environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Improved acoustics (depending on the installation method, it can provide Class A absorption), quick and easy installation and an economical price. In addition, it is easy to place in any space because of its elegant and natural design.

Once the space where they are installed has been evaluated, you can decide on ceiling, wall or wood panels. The basic premise is to install them as close as possible to the sound sources to be mitigated.

The acoustic panels we offer measure 2.80 meters high and 60 cm wide but are perfectly adaptable. This means that they can be cut to size to perfectly fit the dimensions of your space, thus guaranteeing an effective and customized soundproofing solution.

Acoustic panels

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