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Acoustic Wall Panels: Design and Acoustic Performance

We design wall acoustic panels to be much more than decorative elements; they are the result of a perfect blend of design and acoustic effectiveness. These panels are meticulously designed to address and solve issues related to reverberation and unwanted noise in indoor spaces.
We base the effectiveness of wall acoustic panels on their high performance in terms of sound absorption and diffusion principles. Their specific structure and materials allow for the control of a space’s acoustics by absorbing sound waves and reducing excessive reflection, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable environment. This makes them highly suitable for offices, restaurants, and homes, where sound quality and auditory comfort are essential.

The motto that has guided our steps from the beginning is that quality design should be accessible. That’s why we offer wall acoustic panels in various styles, shapes, and colors, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into any environment. This not only enhances the auditory experience but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of a space. So when it comes to balancing the science and art of acoustics, wall acoustic panels are a versatile and effective solution that can cater to the aesthetic and acoustic needs

Panel acústico decorativo
Panel acústico Mileto

Acoustic Effectiveness

A beautiful design that doesn’t work doesn’t make sense, in our opinion. That’s why acoustic effectiveness is the fundamental pillar on which we base the design of our acoustic wall panels, exceptional solutions for sound control in various environments. Designed and manufactured with the utmost care, they guarantee optimum performance in terms of acoustic absorption and conditioning.

RENE and MILETO acoustic wall panels, manufactured with a recycled PET felt core, have been designed to provide the maximum level of sound absorption according to ISO 354. This means they can significantly reduce excessive echo and create quieter, more comfortable environments, ideal for a variety of applications, from offices to restaurants.

Acoustic wall panels not only offer excellent results in terms of sound performance, but also blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of the environment, making them an effective, versatile and pleasant choice for sound control.

Acoustic Panels

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