Free-Standing Acoustic Dividers

What are Free-Standing Acoustic Dividers?

Acoustic panels have the ability to absorb sound and reduce reverberation in a space. They not only improve acoustic quality but can also serve as decorative elements that add style and personality to any room.

Room dividers, on the other hand, can also act as sound barriers, reducing unwanted noise and sounds between spaces.

Every day, more people recognize the importance of a proper sound environment, whether at home, in the office, or in public spaces. Noise pollution and lack of privacy not only affect our ability to concentrate but also our overall well-being.

Functionality and Style

An acoustic divider can reduce up to 15 decibels (dB) depending on its design and material. The effectiveness of these panels is due to their ability to absorb and diffuse sound waves, thus minimizing reverberation and unwanted noise in a space. However, it’s essential to consider that the exact decibel reduction varies based on factors such as the type of panel, its thickness, and the material used.

Research and development in the field of acoustics have led to the creation of increasingly efficient panels. These advancements allow acoustic panels to adapt to specific frequencies, offering customized solutions based on the predominant noise type in a space. This makes it possible to direct sound absorption toward the most problematic frequencies, achieving an optimal sound atmosphere.

Where should you place them?

These panels are designed to efficiently absorb and dampen sound, making them a useful tool in various environments.
  • Highly Reverberant Spaces: Sometimes, the characteristics of a space do not allow for the installation of panels on ceilings or walls. In spaces with a lot of glass surfaces, treating the sound as close to the source as possible using acoustic dividers is the best option.
  • Open Spaces with Excessive Noise: Acoustic room dividers are especially beneficial in open spaces where ambient noise can be a problem. These include open-plan offices, busy restaurants, airport waiting areas, and pedestrian traffic zones. In such places, dividers can help create quieter and more comfortable zones.
  • Privacy Requirements: In places where privacy is required, such as medical offices or confidential work areas, the placement of acoustic dividers can contribute to protecting conversations and maintaining confidentiality.
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Acoustic Panels

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