Acoustic phone booth

Privacy in Telephone Calls

In today’s business world, communication is essential. Phone calls are a fundamental tool for collaboration and decision-making. However, in an open office environment, maintaining privacy during a phone conversation can be quite challenging. This is where acoustic booths come into play. Acoustic booths offer an isolated space where employees can conduct phone calls with complete privacy and without their conversations being overheard by others. These booths are designed to block out ambient noise and provide a quiet and focused environment for important phone conversations.
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Efficient Space

The optimization of space in office environments is a contemporary concern. Every square meter matters, and finding solutions that allow maximizing the available space is essential. In this context, acoustic booths stand out as an efficient and versatile option.

These booths are designed to occupy minimal space while providing an acoustically isolated environment. Their compact design allows them to easily integrate into any corner of the office, making use of areas that might otherwise go unused.

Efficiency extends not only to physical space but also to work time. Instead of searching for an available meeting room or a quiet corner for an important phone call, employees can quickly access a nearby acoustic booth, saving time and increasing productivity.

Acoustic booths

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