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Acoustic panels for school canteens

Paneles acústicos para Comedor Escolar
In the educational environment, a school canteen is a space where students need to enjoy their meals and conversations without being interrupted by excessive noise. Acoustic panels play a vital role in absorbing sound and creating

a calmer and more welcoming environment

that helps to socialise and share a pleasant time during the meal.
Paneles acústicos para Comedor Escolar
En el entorno educativo, un comedor escolar es un espacio donde los estudiantes necesitan disfrutar de sus comidas y conversaciones sin ser interrumpidos por ruidos excesivos. Los paneles acústicos desempeñan un papel vital al absorber el sonido y crear

un ambiente más tranquilo y acogedor 

que ayude a socializar y a compartir un rato agradable durante la comida.
Paneles acústicos para Comedor Escolar

Friendly and Stimulating Design

These panels not only serve a practical function, but can also be creatively incorporated into the design of the school canteen. This adds an aesthetic dimension to the space, creating an attractive and stimulating environment for students.

Well-being and Concentration

In school canteens, our acoustic panels create an atmosphere of calm and concentration, significantly improving the well-being and experience of students during their break times and socialising.

Paneles acústicos para Comedor Escolar

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